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We Do Drupal

We work exclusively with Drupal.

In fact, it's all we've been doing since our formation four years ago.

Drupal is an extensible content management system that you can use to produce dynamic websites that are easy to update and can grow with your organisation.


Drupal consultants and developers

We can help you plan, develop and build either your entire Drupal website, or just the parts you need help with. We can advise on ways to improve or upgrade your current Drupal site or train you so you can make the most of the potential it offers.

We can put together the components for your Drupal site, construct the theme and write any necessary custom code to make the site behave the way you want it to.

Things we've said

Showing Drupal BLOB data in phpMyAdmin

Drupal 7 stores lots of settings in the database as BLOBs – Binary Large OBjects. When coding, you often need to see what's going on in these BLOBbed fields, but the default phpMyAdmin configuration won't let you examine this data.

The solution is to tweak phpMyAdmin's config file (config.inc.php) to include the following lines:

Cloning Views 2 Displays

We're working on a site at the moment that has got lots of very similar block views. While Views 3 has the ability to clone displays, we're stuck with Views 2 due to compatibility with a version of CiviCRM.

Context Region Title

I've just made a release of Context Region Title, which allows you to set contextual titles per region on your Drupal site (it really is all in the name).

We're using it on a site we're building at the moment, but it's the first time I've ever needed something like this. I'd be interested to know if anyone else finds it useful.

Things we've done


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If you would like to discuss module or theme development, site-building or in-house training, please contact us.

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