Dukes Theatre

Client: folly

The Dukes theatre in Lancaster produces a variety of professional live theatre and in addition has it's own cinema adding to the attraction! The client required a web site that would enable visitors to easily find information about performances and screenings at the Dukes.

We worked collaboratively with two Lancaster based companies, folly and Rehab to produce this beautifully designed Drupal web site.

Our task was to plan and develop the Drupal site implementing the design provided by Rehab whilst working closely with folly to ensure the site functioned exactly as the client expected.

One interesting challenge involved the multiple performance dates and times. We created a custom Drupal module enabling intuitive date and time entry resulting in searchable data so that visitors can quickly and easily find particular showings.

The resulting site is completely maintained by the staff at the Dukes enabling them to keep it right up to date with all the latest performances.