Back in the Saddle

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I got out today for my first ride since the "big" ride into Manchester last week, I did another loop around the local hills over to Oakenclough. It also gave me an opportunity to test out RunKeeper, an iPhone application that enables you to track your route via GPS giving you valuable information such as time, distance, avg. speed and calories burned. One really cool feature is a graph that displays your speed overlaid with the height above sea level which I found really useful.

One other bit of info I learnt about my little ride was my top speed - 27.3mph, now that's not bad on wet roads ;)

In other news Isabell, one of the Drupalcon Paris organisers posted an item about the ride at

Thanks Isabell, look forward to seeing you in Paris!

And lastly for today, we've hit 20% on the donations!!! Yay, thanks to everyone and keep up the good work of spreading the Le Tour news.