Late to the Drush party!

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I admit it, I am usually late to all the cool parties! And so it was with Drush, the command line 'control panel' for Drupal!

Drush enables you to set up and administer Drupal sites really easily from the comfort of the command line. Instead of browsing to find your modules, then downloading and uncompressing those modules all you need is one drush command:

drush dl views

Amazing, this simple command will work out what version of Drupal your site is, it'll go off and find the correct version of the Views module and download it into your sites/all/modules directory.

You can also enable and disable modules with ease:

drush en views

It's THAT simple and of course there's much much more you can do with drush!

One thing I discovered pretty quickly was that you can pass a space separated list of modules into certain drush commands such as en:

drush en views views_ui views_export

So that enables views and all it's 'sub' modules in one command, I thought it would be nice to be able to save a few key strokes by issuing a command like this:

drush en views*

That feature didn't exist so I set about adding it - check out the patch and progress and let me know if you think it's useful!