Meningitis Trust to Help Publicise Le Tour

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It's been another encouraging day in the build up to Le Tour, donations have reached 15% of the target total, yay! This is fantastic news and I want to say a big "thank you" to everyone who has donated so far!

I also received a call from the Meningitis Trust who are going to help publicise the ride and make some press releases to local newspapers which is a huge encouragement. I'd contacted both the Garstang Courier and the Lancashire Evening Post but as yet have not heard back from them, hopefully the good people at the Meningitis Trust will have more joy!

Still trying to talk to Brompton to see whether they are able to post a news item to their site about the ride.

Big ride planned for tomorrow, Garstang to Manchester (40 miles) so I'm going to get horizontal for some shut eye!