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As previously mentioned, Liz at the Meningitis Trust has been working hard on a press release and here it is!

UPDATE: You can read the press release directly on the Meningitis Trust website -


A father from Preston, Chris Maiden, is cycling 300K from London to Paris on his beloved Brompton bike for the Meningitis Trust this month.

The 300K is a challenge in itself for any keen cyclist, however Chris has decided to challenge himself even further by using a bike that folds to the size of a large carrier bag, has 16" wheels and only 3 gears instead of a more standard road bike.

Chris, who is a Drupal web developer based near Manchester, decided to raise the much needed funds for the Trust to help others who have been affected by meningitis. Fortunately Chris hasn’t experienced the disease, yet with a three year old daughter, Emily, the disease is very much on Chris’ mind.

Chris Maiden says, “It’s every parents worse nightmare, your child being diagnosed with meningitis, I pray that Emily doesn’t contract it. I want to be able to help other parents whose children have had the disease and have been supported generously by the Trust.

The Meningitis Trust provides practical and emotional support to help those affected by meningitis and raises vital awareness about the disease, its symptoms and its after-effects

“Meningitis is a devastating disease that can strike anyone at any age without warning,” said Liz Fenwick, Communications Executive at the Meningitis Trust. “The signs are often difficult to spot because early on they can be like those of colds and flu. Knowing the symptoms not only saves lives but can also help prevent the savage after-effects that meningitis can cause”.

The funds raised from Chris’ London to Paris Cycle Challenge will enable the Meningitis Trust to continue providing ongoing help and support to people affected by meningitis. For the many thousands of people who have been, and continue to be, affected by meningitis, and for those who sadly will be affected in the future, the Trust is a lifeline. It’s the only charity of its kind, focusing on fighting meningitis through awareness and providing the best possible support to those affected.

If anybody would like to sponsor Chris please visit